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Web IT 4 All offers all building blocks that you will need to start your online adventure.

Whether it is for personal use or for professional ventures, we surely have the right package that will suit your needs.

It all starts with the right domain name.
We can register a new domain, but if you have one already we can also transfer the domain for you if needed.

We offer several options for managing your domain:
- You can register a new domain and start with e-mail or a website right away.
- You can just register and park the domain to secure the name for later use.
- You can register a domain an redirect it to another existing website.
- You can transfer domains you already have for hosting with Web IT 4 All.

Use the form below to check if the domain you want is available.

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Safe, Secure and Protected registration

Why Web IT?

  • Professional
  • Reliable
  • Secure
  • Personal touch

Popular Domains

The most popular domains are:

  • .com
  • .net
  • .org
  • .store
Or country specific domains such as
.nl, .de, .fr, .es

We are specialized in safe & secure web hosting and e-commerce hosting. We offer several options for hosting your website, shop or booking site.

Professional hosting with a personal touch for both individuals and small businesses.

What does your hosting account include?

Free Domain


In the first year one domain name registration is included for Free in all packages!



Email hosting is included in all packages.
Unlimited Email Accounts permitted

Disk Space

Disk Space

Semi Unlimited: We notify you when usage is excessively above average and upgrading would be advised.

Disk Space

Data Transfer

Semi Unlimited: We notify you when usage is excessively above average and upgrading would be advised.

High-performance Servers for more Pivacy & Security, and Faster Websites & Applications. All servers are modern and up to date with the latest technologies.

A small few page website or a complete e-commerce platform like web shop or booking site? We can do the development and design for you!

We offer customized but affordable, high quality web design that will suit your wishes and needs.

We only use the latest technologies. All of our web & e-commerce sites are Responsive (adapting to all devices) and standard built Search Engine Friendly with Google Analytics implementation and Social Media integration if required.

Please contact us for further information or in case you would like to discuss things further or make an appointment!

Below you can view a selection of our work that we have recently designed and developed.

Why not outsource the management and monitoring of your network to experts? Then you can focus on your core business instead.

Web IT 4 All has over 25 years of experience in all aspects of the ICT. We know how to use the techniques of today to our advantage!

Larger businesses usually have their own department for dealing with the ICT and internal networks. For a small business it could be a smart solution to outsource the management and proper monitoring of the computer and/or internet network.

Even if you are just looking for some troubleshooting to fix a problem, we might be able to assist. 

Please contact us for more information or to discuss the problem you have at hand.

Professional Network Management

Why use unsafe third parties that often abide by different countries law, when you can have your own safe and secure cloud?

Nowadys working from home is more and more in demand. And more and more big players like Google and such are offering cloud services to make working from home with file management, sharing and synchonizing easier.

But not everyone is allowed to or wants to use the services of these giants that abide by different, often US, law. 

What if it would be possible to run your own cloud with cloud services such as file storing, sharing, editing, editing together, open office availability, synchonizing of email, contacts, schedules, tasks, secured chat service and much more.

Everything you and your team needs for work right at everyones fingertips whenever one wants and wherever one is. Safe and secure within your own online cloud network.

Please feel free to contact us for more information.

Your own Safe & Secure Cloud

We connect the dots, wherever and whenever you might need it!

Support & Trouble Shooting

With Web IT 4 All you are not just a number! We take Client Support very seriously. With our team of professionals we tend to assist wherever needed and with a personal touch. 

Also in regard to Trouble Shooting matters for non clients you can contact us to explain your problem and situation. If we can assist to solve the matter we sure will!

Client support: support@webit4all.net
Trouble shooting: sales@webit4all.net

24/7 Support

We connect the dots, wherever and whenever you might need it!

Web IT 4 All is part of All4U. All personal information needed for your products and services will be stored in the client database of All4U, the Netherlands.

All4U respects the privacy of all users of its site and ensures that all personal information you provided is treated with confidentiality. We will use your information to ensure that data handling runs more efficiently. Other than that we will use this data exclusively with your authorisation.

All4U will not sell your data

All4U will not supply your personal details to third parties or will only supply these exclusively to third parties which have been involved in the implementation of your request. Our employees and our integrated third parties have been obliged to respect the confidentiality of your data.

Privacy & Internet

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The IP address of your computer will be automatically checked and recognized each time you visit our website. This information will not be stored as individual personal data and will only be used for analyzing statistics like navigation, pages visited, etc. for the improvement of our services, website and marketing activities.
All4U also uses cookies to recognize you during your next visit. Cookies are small bits of information stored by your browser on your computer. Cookies enable us to collect information on the use of our services, to improve our services and adapt to the wishes of our visitors. Our cookies give information concerning personal identification. This also enables us to prevent asking and providing you repeatedly with the same information. You can configure your browser so that you will no longer receive cookies during browsing on the internet.


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We appreciate the confidence which you put in us and in return we will handle your data with the utmost care. When you place an order at All4U, your data will be processed trough the most modern and up-to-date security technology available. Your data will be protected at all times and will be treated as confidential. This website, order and payment sections are located in a secured area, which can be recognized by the https:// in your address bar as well as a key lock or key icon either at the bottom of your browser or also in your address bar. You can view our official security certificate by clicking on that icon.


You are entitled to view and/or change your personal details at any time. You can do so by logging into your account. It is your own responsibility to keep your personal details up-to-date (e.g. in case of a change of address)!
For questions concerning our privacy statement or our general conditions, please contact:

Customer service
E-mail: sales@webit4all.net
WhatsApp: +66 8 227 15 325

Our Privacy Statement is applicable to every visit to our All4U website and every order and agreement.

Whether it is for personal use or for professional ventures, we surely have the right package that will suit your needs.

For support and urgent matters please email support@webit4all.net
For all other matters please email us at sales@webit4all.net or use the contact form below.

Whether it is for personal use or for professional ventures, we surely have the right package that will suit your needs.

In case you have any questions or would like to discuss things further, please do not hesitate to contact us!
Please use the message field to explain your situation so we can get back to you with the proper solution.

Whether it is for personal use or for professional ventures, we surely have the right package that will suit your needs.

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